Want to be fashionable, different from everyone else?

Want to be fashionable, different from everyone else?

            Try to complement the wardrobe in addition to the suit and shoes with colorful bright socks, noticeable to others from under the leg. Experiment, dress boldly, do not be afraid of revolutionary decisions. Your friends will appreciate the trendy directions of time and understanding of style.

           Colored men's socks help you in creating your own bright image, emphasize your individuality. Of course, choosing unusual accents is quite difficult, it is not an easy task. This requires a refined taste and a sense of proportion. They are selected in combination with the colors of a tie, shoes or pants. You can choose a pair in which the colors are collected from the set of your clothes. Bright socks look good if the suit is neutral tones: white, blue, gray or brown.

          If a set of clothes is distinguished by a single bright item, this is already enough, since the accent enlivens the sad color of a strict suit. You should not use several items of different colors at once (a handkerchief, a tie). Clothes and shoes of dark colors are well diluted by a bright shade of colored socks. Their lilac color with a business suit looks confident.

          Today, street stylers do not use obvious combinations of colored men's socks with other items of clothing, because It looks pretentious and does not bring zest to the image. You can choose their pattern to the pattern of a shirt, a handkerchief, and you are free to experiment with color for as long as imagination is enough. The only thing I would like to advise is to choose plain socks for starters, they are easier to combine in the office (if there is no strict dress code) they will not be pointing at you from all sides. For warmth and coziness in cold weather, thick woolen motley-red color in combination with a light gray suit will do.

          Remember the simple rules regarding their choice.
- Do not use nylon or socks made from other lightweight materials.
- Cotton fabric evaporates sweat, protects shoes from the spread of bacteria. Natural fibers-cotton or wool - are best suited.
- Colorful socks cannot be lighter than shoes; brighter but not lighter.
- Do not allow creases to slip into your shoes. It looks sloppy.
- Wear long socks, they hide legs if you sit down on a chair.
- Sports (white) used for sports.
- You can not wear patent leather shoes, the office is also not desirable. For business style, they still do not fit.

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